Teeth whitening is a dental esthetic treatment which reduces different shades, resulting in whiter and brighter teeth.


Our system allows us to achieve some shades in just one session without harming the tooth enamel. At the same time, needing less time for the treatment, causes less sensibility with quick results.

The process of esthetics dental treatment is simple and painless. Previously, it is necessary to perform a dental cleaning. After that, the specialist applies a whitening gel on each tooth which contains hydrogen peroxide, after that a LED light is used.

The teeth whitening also allows to remove any stain caused by medicine intake or other causes such as tea, coffee, cigarettes, wine, etcetera. Nevertheless, it does not have any effect on any kind of repairs like teeth fillings fixed with halogen light, dental inlays or dental crowns.

In order to replace the repair, it is necessary to wait for a few days as the new shade obtained stabilizes.

Here in The Dental Clinic Fernandez Ayora, we want our patients in Almería to get a perfect smile with our dental esthetic treatments.


In The Dental Clinic Fernández Ayora we help our patients in Almería improve their situation, offering all of our experience with demonstrable results.

In The Dental Clinic Fernández Ayora we help our patients in Almería improve their situation, offering all of our experience with demonstrable results.

For us, lips are the perfect frame for the perfect teeth. With our lip augmentation treatment using hyaluronic acid we look for the combination of an extra oral and intraoral esthetics that offers integral solutions between beauty and health, getting a better smile expression.

It seems like the trend is moving away from voluminous lips, nowadays it tends to enhance existent features, and give them back the natural and smooth aspect they once had.

Hyaluronic acid is part of the dermis, the middle skin layer. Its main characteristic is to attract and to retain water, giving volume and hydration to the skin.

Over the years and with the natural aging process the concentration of this acid in the skin decreases. As a consequence, skin loses volume and wrinkles appear.

When applied to the lips, they get volume, gain firmness and redefine the outline.

We achieve, in The Dental Clinic in Almería Fernandez Ayora with dental and perioral esthetic treatments, our patients get the harmony and esthetic they want between the frame of the lips and teeth.


This esthetic dental treatment tries to harmonize and give highlight to anterior teeth, it allows to correct different esthetics problems. The main objective besides esthetics is to accomplish teeth functionality and get a better prognosis for natural teeth.

This esthetic dental treatment consists in placing a thin ceramic sheet over the front area of the tooth, with a previous reduction of the thickness of the tooth enamel and providing a new shape that is harmonic and esthetic to the tooth.

Veneers are thin sheets of different resistant materials just like the composite, porcelain, disilicate that helps to achieve a better dental esthetic and a better oral functionality. It is about materials that emulate the natural color of the teeth and reach satisfactory results.

In The Dental Clinic Fernandez Ayora, by using these treatments, we offer our patients a pretty smile through a simple and satisfactory treatment

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