Lip design is done in consultation with hyaluronic acid microinjections.

Depending on the patient and his needs, we can: recover lip hydration with low-reticulation hyaluronic acid, define lip contouring or increase volume with a more highly reticulated product.

Post-treatment tips

It is not necessary to carry out any special post-treatment care; the appropriate ones on the skin the following hours in the puncture areas (avoid make-up and manipulation).

It is recommended that patients with a tendency to cold sores take Aciclovir (antiherpetic), since it can cause immunological activation that reactivates the lesion.

You want to know more?


Hyaluronic acid in the perioral area as an antiaging treatment has numerous indications; Along with a lip rejuvenation treatment we can include smoothing the aging lines of the famous barcode, treating marionette lines, filling in nasolabial folds and even correcting gummy smiles.

Can it be applied during pregnancy?

As for fillers with hyaluronic acid, there would be no problem since it consists of a totally natural substance. Still, we always recommend waiting out of caution.

Does it have side effects?

As it is an injected treatment and in a highly vascularized area, sometimes bruises can appear that are reabsorbed spontaneously after 2-3 days; the same as the inflammation process the two days following the manipulation.

Is it a painful treatment?

Being a very sensitive area of our body, there is the possibility of using topical anesthesia cream or administering it intraorally for patients with the lowest pain threshold. We seek the most appropriate to the conditions of each patient.

How long does the treatment last?

It depends fundamentally on the characteristics of the patient and the lip treatment that has been performed. Smoking, excessive sun exposure and low hydration are the main causes of shorter duration. Treatment varies in a range of 4-12 months.

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