What is mucogingival surgery?

Mucogingival surgery is a treatment to heal gums. Recessions are loss of gum in height, that make teeth appear longer by exposing their root.

This loss can cause various symptoms and signs such as:

  • Sensitivity to cold and heat.
  • Swelling and discomfort.
  • Pain when brushing and chewing.
  • Aesthetic

When a patient suffers from bruxism (teeth clenching), brushes their teeth too hard, has bad habits, their teeth do not mesh well, etc. We can find gingival recessions.

Within the field of periodontics in our clinic, we perform treatments for gingival recessions using minimally invasive techniques and the latest materials that allow us to restore the lost tissue (gum). Therefore, we improve aesthetics, reduce the symptoms caused by gum recession and strengthen the gum so that it does not retract again.

On the other hand, gingival smiles are those in which the patient’s smile shows an excessive proportion of gum compared to the exposure of the teeth. In The Dental Clinic Fernández Ayora we are specialists in mucogingival surgery procedures, and we can treat localized or generalized cases, of patients with gingival recessions (long teeth), or gummy smiles (gingival smile)
although it is true that origin of these conditions is multifactorial, sometimes a small periodontal aesthetic procedure is enough to achieve an obvious aesthetic improvement.

Antés y después cirugía gingival

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